sudden good bye

it is always a pain to the heart,
to lose a piece of itself in the form of another,
but evermore does it hurt, when you were not prepared,
and death does not knock to make himself known.
but evermore does it hurt, knowing,
that your loved one invited death in.

it did not have to be, so i say,
but unknown to me is the ocean that you feared to drown in,
i got a taste of its waves, but its entirety was a secret you took with you,
that ocean stole you from us, an ocean so many swim in,
you were tired of swimming, trying to keep afloat,
denying the safety buoys we threw your way,
i tried to be the lighthouse guiding you home,
but how was my light supposed to be seen,
when you could see nothing but darkness.

in the last words you left us with,
forgiveness was something you sought,
but it is not you who needs to be forgiven,
it is us – for we failed you.

the earth’s garden mourns with us,
for it lost a flower that blossomed,
now all that’s left are its petals,
shattered remains that serve as a reminder,
signs of the beauty that once grew there.

and althought that flower withered away,
the fragrance it radiated gets carried away with the winds,
and will dance its way around this world,
blessing the places it reaches with its sweetness.

your body is not present here anymore,
but your ashes, they breathe life in these roots,
and so, what has come from the earth went back to the earth,
the cycle fulfilled, your soul, i hope, in peace now.

death, that bittersweet ghost,
it took you away,
but it can never steal the traces you left,
in the hearts you touched,
in the good deeds you did,
in the memories we have,
in those things you shall live for all eternity,
and so you live on – for dead are only those who are not spoken about,
and there are too many who will share the stories of your life,
echoing your story throughout the chronicles of humanity.

forever will i speak about you, mom.

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