Sleeping Giant

Underneath those thousand skins,
There lives a giant.
Yet dreaming countless dreams.

Guardian of man’s soul,
His shield your fearlessness.
His sword your courage.
His armor your tenderness.
Yet alert for the arrival of the right moment.

Hidden in the fortress of youself,
There he lives,
Yet ready to tear down these walls.

Unaware of his existence,
Unaware of your strenght.
Yet ready when you are.

For he is a pillar of patience,
Awaiting the day when you had enough,
When those thousand skins you wear suffocate you,
When the chains of your conditioning bear too heavy,
Then his sleep shall come to an end.

Demolishing these walls you built,
Tearing apart these skins,
And taking off your chains and shackles,
You look into the mirror.

What you see is a face you thought of as forgotten,
Hidden behind masks that have grown too familiar.
Your eyes, catching a glimpse of the original,
The giant that is yourself.


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