The Crazy Ones

I press my hand against my chest,
Heart singing, face grinning,
And I pledge Allegiance,

Allegiance to the Crazy Ones,
The Ones,
With eyes shining,
Minds flying,
Hearts dreaming,
Souls roaring.

In admiration I look at those,
Unafraid to speak up,
Willing to be vulnerable,
Inspired with a vision,
And courageous enough to be themselves.

You are the game-changers,
The way seers,
The leaders yet to be followed,
The voices yet to be heard,
the role models yet to be seen,
But I know of such people,
Who give themselves not the credit that is rightfully deserved,
But a day will come,
When the work you performed in the shadows,
Will be the light of the new day.

And on that day I will stand next to you,
With my hand pressed against my chest,
And I will pledge allegiance,
Allegiance to the crazy ones.


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