“Life is hard!” Uhm, what?

“Life is hard.”, “Life is a struggle!”, “Life is pain!” – Those are phrases that are being thrown around a lot these days, probably since the dawn of mankind or since the development of language.

And I was thinking about such statements a lot lately and as I was enjoying a sunset while pondering the value of these statements, a question came to my mind:

“Compared to what?” What is our reverence point that we have to utter such statements?

Is our life hard compared to the one other people are living? Is it hard compared to what may await us after our bodily presence on earth?

The first assumption is the greatest mistake we can ever make – to think that the life of other people is better than ours, to envy people for their glossy, seemingly perfect lives. We don’t know what battles other people are facing and to be thinking that others have it easy is just downright selective perception, comparing your life to a tiny aspect of someone else’s. Of course, there are people who might be better off in some aspects, but there is no perfect life, it’s a lie, it doesn’t exist. Life isn’t meant to be perfect, it is meant to be experienced with everything that comes with it.

And that idea of the afterlife might originate from the minds of all those plagued souls that have wandered on this planet. That idea promised them a rightful exchange for their suffering, their pain, their struggle. It is a reasonable thing to consider when one is in a constant place of suffering and pain and by no means do I want to sound harsh or dismiss the reality of human suffering, but it is largely our own responsibility. We create far more suffering for ourselves than we might realize – and it all comes from our internal landscape of thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

It is not so much the world around us making us suffer, it is ourselves. This is, in my opinion, an incredibly motivating and empowering realization. You are not a victim of circumstances, not a toy that life tosses around for its amusement, you are here made of bones, flesh, and blood to stand in dignity and integrity in front of the world and to tackle whatever may come your way.

Does that mean that the world should leave us untouched and cold? No, because that is impossible, but it means to simply grow the f*** up, face the world fearlessly and to step into the footprints of all those that came before us.

It is our responsibility to keep the world intact, to prevent the sacrifices of our ancestors to be but dust. We owe it to them, we owe it to those that will continue the path we paved. We have to continue and live, to bear the load that was put on every single one of us with dignity and grace, because nothing of true meaning is birthed by a life lived in fear and infantilism, hiding behind comfort and false security. It makes us weak, it turns us into a shadow of what we are deep down inside of us.

The blood of fearless warriors still runs through our veins, the wisdom of the elders has been passed down to us as seeds within the deepest layers of our minds and the ideas and dreams of all those who dreamed of a better world lives in us and we are not to squander these things, to forget our roots and to become as leaves blowing in the wind.

Life isn’t hard, it is us who have become too weak to face its rightful challenges. It is time that we may reclaim our powers and make our ancestors proud.

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