Rise Up

My dear,
Enough tears you cried,
They have watered the deserts – now an oasis.
Enough fear has been felt – keeping you imprisoned.
Have you not yet seen the strength that is you?

This is the time,
Where Wisdom applied wins more than a thousand bombs,
Where Love mends wounds that have been declared fatal,
Where Truth is as a sword, cutting the web of lies.
And you have choosen to be here.

And hope is not lost,
For the world is saved and lost every day – not at once.
No, it is burning high and strong,
For a many people’s souls are roaring,
An orchestra of change that rings in your ears.

Do not despair, nor fear,
For what lies ahead of us tomorrow,
A thousand stories your children will listen to.

Rise up, my dear, rise up,
The time has come, time is up.

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