The hidden Hand in Everything

Have you ever felt like there is some sort of force guiding your life? I certaintly have, time and time again and especially in the last couple of months I made some really amazing connections to people that entered my life, things working out perfectly without my interference and all the things that I need coming at the right time and the right place.

Back in 2016 where I returned from an 18 months long journey of incredible growth and maturing, filled with synchronistic events that were the very first occurences of such phenomena in my life, I treaded in the desert for an amazingly long period of time and felt tossed aside and left alone by this incredible force that I didn’t understand and I still I don’t understand, but I am fully convinced of its existence by now as it reappears in my life in ways I fail to describe.

And as I treaded through the desert, I somehow felt hopeless, even a form of despair looking around. “What the hell are we doing…” was a loyal thought that followed me anywhere I went. I allowed these things to weigh me down that I easily found more reasons to justify this weight to grow and grow. I am naturally a very reflecting person, constantly questioning my views, perceptions and motivations so it was quite surprising to me, that I held on to these views for so long. Although it was very draining and somewhat frightening to be confronted with the real madness we live in, it made me stronger, it also showed me the importance to look at the things looming over us if we ever want to change them and stand strong in our visions.

And as I let these things go and returned to my view of wonder and appreciation, the world responded accrodingly. I was given the things I needed to follow my heart and vision at the right time, I met good people, people that I feel will play an important part in my life and I in theirs and in the back of my head I always have some special people in mind that were a major part of my early journey. If they happen to read this, I want you guys to know, that I’m doing fine, that I really miss you and that I carry such great appreciation for you in my heart and I know that we will meet again, sometime, maybe even soon.

I don’t know yet where all of this is going to take me, but I don’t even want to know. I don’t want to spoil the surprises life got in store for me and I know it’ll lead me to good places, to good people, helping me to grow, to create and to live life in a more integrated, creative and full way, aligned and focused on the things that are of substance and true importance in life.

And maybe, just maybe, all of this is scripted. Maybe we know what happens to us in life before we open our eyes to take in the world, before we welcome the world with our crying and maybe we forget all of it, just so that life is exciting and tragic and when we take our final breath, we will see the big picture and how our lives served in this incredible cosmic kaleidoscope as a colorful fragment.

Just trust people. Trust life. It has its own ways that we will never understand and we don’t need to. The only thing that we have to keep in mind is to never loose track of what’s really important.


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