The greatest Enemy

With all that is happening in the world, there is really, in the end only one real enemy, one real threat looming over us and this enemy isn’t out there, he is alive in us and his name his compliance.

And it’s true when you think about it. Every major war that has ever been fought, was manufactured by a tiny majority on the top of our society for the sole pursuit of power, profit and domination over other countries and in exchange the blood of millions of people has been spilled and countless families have been torn apart. They put a rifle in our hands to fight their wars but it is US pulling the trigger, it is US dropping the bombs, it is US pushing the red button! Without our willing compliance to engage in such an example of madness, it wouldn’t even happen, because it is US the people holding all the power not the few at the top.

This is the case with war and it’s the case when you work for a company that engages in activities hurting the land, hurting people and animals alike, just so that you can take home your paycheck and health benefits.

These are just some examples to get my point across, because I want you to realize that even though you might not make a big difference, you are still making a difference, no matter what you do, so make sure that the one you make contributes to something greater.

We have been crippled, all of us. Infused with feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness. Put it all aside. All that crap that has been loaded unto you. I have fought so long with all this stuff, but now, now I am bursting with creativity, with a vision and I walk my path, no matter what gets in my way and looking back to what has been happening the last two years, I am just so grateful for all my challenges, my darkest of moments, because they helped me see my wrongs, my fears, everything holding me back within the frame of a broader perspective.

And I can distill everything I went through and learned within that two year period into a couple of sentences:

“Have the courage to be yourself and encourage people to do so too. When you are naturally happy and grounded, people will notice and they will want to know. We can be conditioned, but we are born intuitive – meaning, we can be given a software working against us, but you can’t change the hardware we are born with. Be fearless and laugh in the face of everything that scares you, it’s just ghosts in your imagination. Have fun and be honest, with yourself and others. Get f*cking creative!”

No more compliance. The times where we are just sheep are coming to an end and it’s time we grow up, stand up and speak up.

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