It is here

Can you feel it?

What I talk about you ask?

Can’t you sense it in the winds that whisper?

Can’t you feel it with every breath?

It is knocking at the gates of tomorrow.

A world yet to be born, already in the making – what happens now are but birthpains of what was always meant to be.

I see it. In the eyes I meet during the day and in the nurturing silence of the night.

I see minds becoming sharper, hearts becoming open, people being people again.

It is as if we were the seeds planted in the earth that now come to fruition solely for the purpose to welcome the world ahead.

Take of that mask, for it serves you no longer, the world roars and so can you – why be afraid when the heart of a lion is that of yours?

Creativity bursting, societies patterns disrupted, people standing together – we are witnessing the momentum that, time and time again, we will remember.

She is roaring, and many hear the call, what once was is bound to fall.

Patience is the key, creativity the medicine and fearlessness the key to executing your highest powers.


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