Just a reminder

I know how hard life can be sometimes, especially at this moment in time where the world seems to be falling apart a little more every day. Doubts creep in, fears bubble up and you know what? It’s okay. It’s okay sometimes to not feel good and to experience these things, in fact, they are of utmost importance to our own development.

If life would be all sunshine and rainbows, we would become weak and fragile, unable to deal with the power of psychic forces dancing in our minds, because these things help us get in touch with some of our human superpowers, with the things that make us, well us.

These things are resilience and adaptation. Human progress has never come from sitting around and letting the world pass you by – no. Human progress only happens in the face of adversity, in the face of hardships and struggle and we all struggle, we’re all on the way to becoming what is rightly ours – independent, creative and intelligent beings, capable of incredible things.

So what do we do in the face of dark times coming our way, when challenges arise and hardships knock on our doors? We open it and welcome them as guests in our house. Our first impulse might be to keep the door shut, to not look at these things, afraid of what they might reveal, but if we manage to move through them, freedom awaits us.

It would be foolish to underestimate the challenges and the dark times that await all of us, but it would be an act of cowardice to run from them and an insult to the potential and power inherent to us, because let me tell you, human beings are absolutely incredible.

We have lost our way to a great degree and mostly live in the shadow of our own potential, so I want to remind you of some things.

You have a meatball in your head, made of mostly fats and proteins, that enables you to reflect upon your actions and decisions, that enables you to learn new things and master the arts and crafts available to us, that gives you the ability to contemplate our existence.

You have a set of five senses that take in an incredible amount of information that, by some magical process we still can’t grasp, is being transformed into what we call the world through the amazing meatball in your head.

You have a body that can repair itself when injured, sometimes with the help of medicine of course, but nevertheless, do you live in an incredible biological super suit that enables you to experience the adventure of life on this planet.

You have the gift of imagination. This power literally enables you to dream up worlds in your mind, pieces of art yet to be painted, books yet to be written and amazing stuff yet to be invented. You are a little god in your own world and it is your right to use the powers in a way that serves life.

You have the guidance of intuition. Life can be hectic and confusing and sometimes we don’t know what to we should do. If we allow ourselves to be in that space of confusion and are able to become still, life will speak to us. We all had moments in life where we felt guided, where a little small voice showed us the way. Trust it. Follow it. It will lead you down a path, least traveled but one that is the most rewarding.

In the face of all that is going on in the world, we can fall into the idea of being powerless. You are not. You are an incredible accumulation of atoms and molecules with a pinch of magic going on that enables you to be alive, to feel, to imagine, to perceive.

I just felt like reminding you of that.

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