What does it mean to live from the heart?

In the recent months that passed, I had, on more than just one occasion, interactions with random people that just came up to me asking for something, whether that was a homeless guy asking for a bit of cash, a guy asking for directions or an old lady that didn’t know how to buy a train ticket. I don’t know why these interactions have become so frequent for me, but every time they happened, no matter what was going on in my life, what struggles were on my mind or things that needed to be done, these little encounters always got me back in the moment and every time I genuinely took time to listen to these people, helping them out as best I can, I felt a little tingly feeling in my chest.

It was a very subtle thing and didn’t last for long, but it always happened when I took the time to help someone out. It almost felt like something was dancing inside of me.
It happened when I helped these people out, it happened when I told a good friend of mine that I am very grateful for our friendship, it happened when I told people the truth even if what has been said might have hurt instead of telling them what they wanted to hear.

I feel that in those moments where we genuinely take time for someone, when the words we speak, even if they might hurt are spoken with love, if we engage in human interaction with authenticity and honesty, these are the moments were the heart is given a space to bring its loving presence into our interactions.

I sometimes thought that living from the heart meant that we have to embark on a grand mission to change the world, that we have to achieve, do and create. This might be true to some extent, but I feel that the human heart is not interested in achieving, accumulating and succeeding. It is interested in honesty, truth, love, wisdom, and compassion. It lives of the rawness of human authenticity and capacity to love others.

Maybe the true revolution doesn’t need to be taken to the streets, maybe it has to be embarked upon in ourselves because all too often we become what we most despise and fight against. We have fought enough. Enough wars have been fought, enough wars against ourselves have been fought, enough wars against nature have been fought.

It is time for a radical decision for peace. Making peace with ourselves, making peace with others and the world.

It might then seem that we “do nothing” if we just try to live more peaceful, but that’s only because we were brought up in a society characterized by the delusion that by doing a lot we effectively bring about change. How far from the truth that is.. We are drowning in mindless activities and I believe that balancing that out with mindful inactivity we can reach a state of relaxation and reflection in which we might have the opportunity to truly take the right actions required instead of being all over the place.

And each day we are given, we interact with others. Each day we are given the opportunity to move deeper into the heart, deeper into the redemptive power of our own loving presence that, if shared with others, will be a balm to a world that so desperately cries out for help.

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