On the importance of gratitude

Life can be such a crazy, chaotic and messy experience, in fact, that is what life is all the time, sometimes we just tend to forget that, that life isn’t in our control, that things don’t always go the way we planned, that we can be hit with tragedy and challenges at any moment and it has been quite a wild ride for me the last couple of years.

Things happened that I absolutely didn’t expect, plans I made became obsolete and opportunities arose that changed the course of my life for the better. We can make plans as much as we like, but life is always one step ahead of us and as I write this I want to give thanks to the thing I often times cursed too early: Life’s unpredictable nature.

Only in retrospect do we see that the chaos we might experience at one point was actually part of some bigger thing, some sort of principle higher than the polarities of order and chaos. Name it as you like, I just call it “The unmoving, moving everything” and it is part of life’s eternal process of becoming, changing, decaying and dying and only when we look back do we feel a certain sense of gratitude and we come to see that nothing in life happens TO us, it happens FOR us.

This realization inspired the following little poetic homage dedicated to this incredible mystery playing itself out.


In times of suffering and periods of pain, I thought of life as vain, like a curse we’re spellbound by,
Now I see that teachers appear in many forms, suffering is one of them, burning away the wounds we carry in the heat of transformation, we are free to fly.

And in times of good companionship, I experienced the other side of life, one of joy and of days so bright,
Those times taught me the beauty of being lost together and the joys that go hand in hand with aimless wandering, quite to my heart’s delight.

There were times as well, where no other footsteps were imprinted next to mine and I tasted the sweetness of one’s own company,
Those periods showed me that one is born alone, but being lonely is another story,
As it is only when one is around nobody that we get to know the somebody we present to everybody.

Plans I made were thrown overboard, as life had other plans for me and I realized that there might be more than what we see and it moves things behind the scenes,
And I learned of the excitement that comes with letting go of the leash we put around life’s neck and let it go where it is meant to go, for it might lead us to the places we otherwise might never come to ever know exist.

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