The poetic dimension of life

What do I live for? A question that we ask ourselves and others regularly, or at least once in a while. What are the answers don’t only give ourselves but the people around us as well? They go along the lines of:

“I want to find a fulfilling career.”

“I want to make lots of money.” (urgh..)

“I want to travel the world.” ( Done that, highly recommend it.)

“I want to do x, y or z.”

The answers are as complex as we are as human beings and although sometimes we genuinely feel like that’s what we want, that the answer for life’s dilemma is found in these things, that our hunger for joy, well-being, and peace can be satisfied through them, we know deep within that they can’t do that, not indefinitely. So why do we engage in the pursuit of these things in such an obsessed manner, are they keeping the promise of fulfillment and joy that we address towards them? Or are they a pursuit for a far more subtler lack that we experience?

I feel like we all know such moments, as rare as they may be, were everything just stops, not out there, but in us, the constant want for more, the endless pursuit for this and that, were it all just stops and we are filled by an incredible peace, serenity, and joy. If we recall such a moment, did anything happen to cause these feelings and sensations to emerge?  In such moments we touch qualities within our very own being that are normally veiled and overlooked. In such moments we feel a sense of joy and happiness that is not caused by any conditions, they emerge quite naturally.

In such moments we almost hear a small voice within us saying:

“It’s alright, everything is well. You can stop now, rest right here because there is nothing to search for, it’s all here already.”

It certainly has been the case for me.

So, do we really live for money, possessions, and achievements or are these things a quick band-aid to cover up our real yearning, our yearning for the things we can’t measure, for the things far less tangible than money or achievements. You can’t measure peace, joy or fulfillment. You can feel them, experience them fully, but you can’t measure them and yet, although they are the things that are the most elusive and subtle, they are the “things” we truly crave.

It’s amazing really, but it is this almost poetic dimension we quietly yearn to be immersed in, there is no greater desire, no greater earning within the human heart that drives everything we do than to be in touch with this realm and quite ironically, this realm is never closed off, it is us that locked the door and threw away the key.

But as the saying goes, what once has been lost can be found again and so we have the opportunity to unlock the door once again and be in touch with that which has never gone anywhere, so that we may rediscover that we are quite literally, poetry in motion, a verse in life’s eternal lyrical pursuit.

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