Welcome to the wild, wild West

Awoken, not by the sun’s light, but by the screeching sound of an alarm clock,
A new day begins in the spirit of all the days that passed,
Getting ready for the rat-race, one loses track of ones own pace.
Drunk on the distractions presented, man grows unaware of his true yearning,
And in time, what’s left of the life within is but a shell, immersed in a constant pursuit.

And I say:” Welcome to the wild, wild West.”

In search for crumbles of happiness, we wreck the world around us,
While we miss the inner feast of joy that never ceases to invite us.
Oh, what this world could be, if we let it be,
A beauty indescribable, a miracle unexplainable and a reality indefinable,
And yet we are blind to the world’s aliveness, for we seek life in matter and not in what matters.

And I say” Welcome to the wild, wild West.”

Acting as if we’re untouchable by the tragedies of life,
Hiding behind an armor made of invulnerability,
We think of this as strength, but it is fear in its greatest disguise, for in numbness we seek stability.
And so we numb ourselves to what we don’t dare to face,
Unaware that underneath that darkness is a treasure hidden that heals not only us, but the whole human race.

And so I say:” Welcome to the wild, wild West”…

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