“The great Gathering”

There is a legend among the people that there will come a time were humans suffer from a great separation within them and from the world around them. The human spirit gets close to being extinguished, but as this danger draws in closer, the yearning in the heart of man to rekindle the sense of connection they once lost grows bigger and the people start to rebuild the burned bridges between them. The legend of this time goes as follows:

“There will come a time of chaos, disconnection, and confusion,
The People will suffer and their hearts will yearn for divine infusion,
Great separation cuts through human relation, leaving people in anger and frustration,
But a new day dawns on them, where they feel at one with the wonder of creation.

The time were they gasped for air, suffocating under the burden of their suffering shall end,
And the people will come together as one breath.
The days of cold-bloodedness and loss of compassion will pass,
And the people will come together in the rhythm of one beating heart.

But a great darkness has to be endured, one that blinds them from one another,
And as the winds of change blow away the darkness that blinded them, they see themselves again, as one, not other.
As the darkness is pushed through, they are again receptive to the cries of a troubled world,
So they come together as one hearing, lending an ear to all the troubled hearts.”

This is the legend of “The great gathering”, a story carried through time, one that has flowed from a thousand lips, one that has been listened to by a thousand ears through eons and now has come the time where it stops being a legend and starts being a reality.

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