Fallen Kings and Queens

He stood on the hill’s top, observing a world that never stops,
As the craze of daily life unfolds, from human beings to human doings,
People rushing here and there, never reaching anywhere, faces down, never looking up,
He just sits there, hoping that one day, they may wake up.

As he sits on the hill’s top, a familiar feeling comes up,
It is his heart aching, yet hopeful and words of truth knock on the gate of his lips.
He stood up straight and threw his arms high in the air,
As he inhaled the cold crisp air, words started flowing into the night’s darkness:

“First, let me say that I don’t teach, nor preach, I am only here as a reminder,
That the people of this earth are not meant to live in slumber.
As we lost touch with our truth, we got caught in a net of lies,
So we live in darkness, ignorant of the light, bringing about our own demise.

But we are the cause and the cure for all the symptoms we endure,
Deep down we all know this, I am sure.
Yet, it seems as if man has forgotten where he belongs, now feeling lost in a world he secretly loves – yet destroys,
Getting caught up in the rat race, quietly yearning to go his own ways.

And I speak to the people, to my fellow fallen kings and queens,
Ignorant of their true kingdom, they choose to live as beggars.
It hurts to see potential squandered and dreams dying,
Have people forgotten that we were meant to be thriving?

Women of the earth, don’t the harshness around you steal your softness,
For it is this very softness, that is capable of healing a hurt world’s wounds.
And men of the earth, don’t let the challenges you face make you grow fearful and weak,
For it is your resilience that gives the world balance and keeps it from falling apart.

We have fallen, creating our own demise, but the power is within us, so we will rise,
A kingdom that once has been destroyed can be rebuilt and its glory restored.
Enough work to do, lots of weight to bear and trials to face,
But I know in my heart, we can do this, as one human race.

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