The illusion of safety

It’s funny to see how so many of us are caught up in trying to be secure, trying to be safe by having a stable job, a house, health insurance. It’s comfortable, it’s cozy and it’s a plain lie we hold on to. The job can be lost, the house can be destroyed and your health insurance won’t prevent you from having a heart attack. I think we all know this:

“There is no permanent security and safety found in the world.”

Yet, we are afraid to accept this fact, which is quite understandable given the fact that human beings are hardwired to fight for their survival, but we’re going to die anyway, so the fight for survival is quite ineffective in the end.
We should all be able to feel safe in our surroundings and around other people, there is nothing wrong with that and it is indeed needed for our well-being. The problem is that we are so caught up in trying to make ourselves secure and safe, that we miss the opportunity to live. We spend so much time trying to finally arrive, that we often even miss being where we are. We are surviving, getting by, but truly living? Not many people exist who can claim that with conviction.

Letting go of the need for safety

It’s not an easy thing to do, to go against one of the most fundamental drives of our society, to acquire safety and security. Some will call you crazy and weird, I’ve been told that too and I honestly don’t care anymore. This insurance-mentality is killing the spontaneity, the not-knowing what’s going to happen nature of life. This doesn’t mean that we run off into the woods, quit our job, leave behind our belongings and families because nothing is secure. It simply means to relax, to give up this inherited neurosis that is driving the majority of people in the world, which is slowly driving everyone insane it seems.

Not being attached to our external surroundings to give us a sense of safety might be frightening at the beginning, but the more we are able to relax, the more we feel and experience how life is pretty good at taking care of itself, how we are being taken off and all this worrying and being afraid is leading us nowhere. What at first might be experienced as great turmoil will eventually lead to the experience of incredible freedom. It brings back alive the adventurous spirit in us, to relax, breathe and let things take their course, because resistance to the way things go in the end, is futile.

Breathe in, breathe out, it’ll be fine

The more we give up our need for external safety, the less we feel the need to be in control of what’s going on and the more we are able to naturally be intune with the flow of life and quite miraculously we feel like the things we need are coming our way all by themselves. We still have to put in the work by ourselves, but there are things that come to us naturally if we align with the flow of life, that’s a law.

Another thing that we are gaining through releasing our attachment to external security is a tremendous trust in ourselves, an unshakeable confidence and internal peace that nothing out there can ever take away from us. We step into our inner power and wisdom and we let those things guide us in life and it will lead us to the life we are meant to live. What good does all the external comfort do anyway? It deadens us, makes us weak and fearful, but this deep trust and confidence we built and establish are ours and ours alone and nothing can take it away from us.

That’s the moment we don’t just live for survival, we start to live for something greater and that’s when we truly start living at all. Living a life only focused on ourselves will leave us empty, without a soul. Nothing great ever comes from a life focused on self, but a life lived for the soul, that is what makes us… us.

Not too deep down, we know that there is nothing like safety or security. It simply doesn’t exist. What keeps us together is character and the courage to stand alone in the front of the world, balancing the walk on its shaky and unpredictable edge.

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