Life is about perspective

If you look at our world, this little pale blue dot, you can see its fragility, its preciousness, and beauty. The more it hurts often times, to see how we slowly destroy and poison not only the earth but ourselves with it. We as human beings take ourselves very, very important in the grand scheme of things as if we inherited a special position in the universe, that we can do as we please.

From our own earthly point of view, we indeed are something special, we are something miraculous. We might not be the smartest folks out here in the universe and definitely not one that displays a lot of humility and respect towards all life, but we nevertheless feel a certain significance regarding the simple and yet astonishing fact of walking on this earth.

The only planet known to us, to harbor this incredible, chaotic, messy and beautiful thing we call life. Our species seems to be like a cosmic child that is messing things up and then tries to blame its mistakes on something or somebody else.

Getting our perspective right

If we then proceed and look at ourselves from a different perspective, the humility we might lack at this point might find a way into our hearts.

If we zoom out of our earthly perspective, our seeming significance vanishes into the vast dark ocean of space. Surrounded by nothing but this vastness we try to navigate ourselves through the universe and it doesn’t seem like anyone will come to help us, we need to grow up now, put the toys way and help ourselves.

In the grand scheme of things, we are nothing more than a speck of universal dust, a grain of sand on this cosmic beach. This is a sobering yet humbling realization and really puts things in perspective. It allows a certain sense of humor to arise, a certain lightness of being comes about. Seeing that all our so seemingly real and very serious problems, our worries, and fears, they are nothing compared to this vastness. Does that mean we shouldn’t care anymore? Not in the least, but it helps us to tackle our problems and our trials and challenges that we face as people and as a collective in a less serious and a more playful manner.

And the more we come to see the seeming hostility of space, we may find that holding on to the hostility we hold against ourselves and nature is not the right way, it has never been. Why hate? Why bomb each other to death? Why destroy Mama Earth? Because we have accepted those things as normal, we seem to need enemies to exist and if other human beings don’t fit the role, nature is the next target. If we accept things that go against our own conscience, we take all the wind out of our sails to change them. Man seems to be his own worst enemy, while their might be real enemies out there..

Our earth is a blue bastion of life, a rocky spaceship of endless creative expression and the way forward is paved with humility, kindness, and this new perspective, that although we are just a grain of sand on this cosmic beach and we might not be in the center of cosmic significance, we stand in the light of our own earthly importance.

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