What is going on?

If you are reading this, chances are, that you have an idea about what I mean and if you don’t, that is fine as well, as you might be eager to find out what I am talking about. As the world is seemingly spinning out of control, the chaos that is creating through that is raising questions within a lot of people, shaking their heads and looking for answers in this confusion and chaos. Although I don’t know definite answers, I’m able to offer a perspective based on my own experience and research, that might be of help to make sense of the times we live in.

Symptoms of a dying world

The old-world-system is collapsing under its own weight, the effects of this collapse are seen all around us and it’s not pretty.

So how do we experience the effects of this collapse?

There are probably more symptoms than we realize, but I will focus on the ones that people have or starting to have an awareness of.
The increased amount of terror attacks in the modern western world and passed anti-terror laws that followed, which are by the way not really about fighting terrorism, but about ensuring the increased control of the population. The anti-terror laws are only put in place to justify this control, so people don’t get suspicious.

The geopolitical landscape of today is characterized by tension, hate, greed, fear and a few psychopaths on the top that abuse their positions of power. This is experienced as the continuation and the start of wars, as we’ve seen in countries like Syria.

The economy and the biosphere are both close to collapsing as we keep up our consumerist mindset and our onslaught of the natural world, the very foundation that grants us life.

All these terrible things that are happening in our world also cause a great deal of fear and distress in people, resulting in the exponential increase in physical-, but mainly mental health problems that have risen like crazy the last decade. The inner chaos that people feel is caused by all the things happening out there and our inner chaos then allows the outer chaos to continue.

Although these things are terrible and horrible to witness and to experience, there is another side to the story, one that isn’t talked about in the news, something that you won’t read about in your newspaper while drinking your cup of coffee in the morning, so I will tell you what’s going on right at this moment:

Humanity is going through an intense shift in consciousness and an acceleration in its evolution!

Some that are reading this right now must be shaking their heads, thinking: “You tell us about all the terrible things happening on the planet, only to tell us that we are rapidly evolving? Are you out of your mind?!”

I know, it sounds crazy and contradictory, but hear me, there is more to this story than just chaos and destruction.

The seeds of new life

When things get worse on the one side, there is also things getting better on the other. There is always a balance and it’s important not to see things too onesided, which is why I want to share some of the great and empowering things that are taking place simultaneously.

As the old ways are crumbling, a new paradigm is unfolding and it’s exciting to witness as it happens.

The world of science is catching up with ancient traditions and cultures and the valuable knowledge, that those old civilizations brought forth, is now being confirmed by science in the form of quantum physics and advancements in neuroscience, painting a completely new and integrated view of reality, each other, the world and life at large, characterized by harmony, unity and a great sense of responsibility for the whole.

Through the internet, we as a people are more educated and wise than we were ever before in our know history. We have far more awareness about our world and what is happening than ever before. 50 years ago the only resource of information was television and newspapers authorized and supplied by the ruling governments, ensuring to paint a picture of the world in the mind of the public that is to the advantage of the ruling class.

With the emergence of the internet and the free flow of information that it provides, the uprising of alternative media sources enables us to question the narrative of the status-quo, giving us the opportunity to draw our own conclusions from the information provided, making us smarter and less dependent on governments and their media institutions.

The rise of alternative media contributed a great deal to the exposure of the crimes and evils of the elitarian upper class that lives of the energy of the population like parasites. For a long time all the terrific things that these people were actively engaged in, knowing themselves to be secure and safe from the awareness of the public, went on unseen and unheard. Now, not a single day passes by, without new secrets and atrocities about what they do, being revealed and exposed in the face of the public.

Of course, the information then available is often shocking and makes one sick to the stomach. Pedophile rings run by the elite, the complete criminal nature of most politicians and how they further push the agenda envisioned by the few at the top, the lies that justified countless wars, the power corporate entities have within the realm of politics. This is hard to digest and to process, but the only way to overcome these things is to look at them first and to spread awareness of them within our range of influence. Fortunately, I can say myself that things like these are now being discussed and talked about at the dinner table or at the bus stop. People are aware and they are pissed of and that’s the foundation from which we will overcome these things. The elite is panicking like crazy, knowing what is coming for them and it is delightful to watch. Ain’t nowhere to run for them now. We are awake. 😉

As the old way of living and existing in the world is becoming redundant and unacceptable for many, there are many people who feel lost and confused, not really knowing their place in the world anymore. In their confusion, they seek to spend more time in nature and discover their connection to the world around them. They are walking between two worlds, the old one to which they don’t want to return and the new one which is still unclear, equal to a venture into the unknown. Venturing into this unknown world requires trust and it requires sensitivity towards the signs of our intuitive nature and the more people move in that direction, the more they will be able to rely on this inner navigational system. In this way, something finds a place in our lives again that for long has been suppressed and got lost in the materialistic oriented way of life we adapted to, our intuition.

The shallow and meaningless way of life we inherited is becoming less and less relevant to many and those courageous and brave people that are starting to search for a different way of life, a way that incorporates our intuition, are on the forefronts of paving a way others can learn from and the good news is that you, I and everyone else can do the same! Nothing can hold us back from embracing the times we live in!

And as it is becoming clearly obvious that our old way of living is unsustainable, the creative intelligence unleashed in the inspired minds of many people out there have brought to the table solutions and alternatives to almost all problems we are collectively facing, especially in regards to our relationship with our environment. There is no lack of solutions, what we really lack is implementation, but in time we will overcome this as well.

As human beings, we know that in order to survive, we have to find ways to sustain our existence on this planet. Those ways, those solutions, as stated before, are there, they exist, but this is only one part of the whole. The other part is not concerned with our way of relating to the natural world, it is concerned with how we relate with one another.

Although there will always be disagreement, conflict, differences, and trouble within the realm of human experience, we all deeply and intuitively know that the only way forward is together, which explains why people seem to become more kind and helpful towards one another nowadays. This, however, was my own experience, it might be different for you, but I have noticed within everyday life that acts of kindness and support have become more frequent, not just out there but in my own way of relating with others. Things are changing, maybe not on a great global scale yet, abut small seeds are starting to sprout, it’s only a matter of time until those seeds will become trees.

All these things are signs and indications that this new paradigm that is emerging is characterized by a sense of unity, love, inspiration, empowerment and a deep understanding of ourselves, our world and life at large.

All of this is also raising the question of what is worth doing and what we should focus on as individuals and as a collective?
It is important to ask this question as we all only have a certain amount of energy available to us and it’s vital to know what we should focus on.

Tending the garden of the new world

A whole lot of people are actively engaged in fighting the current system, trying to overthrow it by force, but this has never and will never do the job. You can’t overcome evil by the very same means that it uses. We need to focus our energy on exposing it and spreading awareness of what’s going on, on bringing forth solutions to the problems that the old system has created.

Just as Buckminster Fuller once said:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing one obsolete.”

There is no purpose in exhausting ourselves fighting something that is bringing about its own downfall through its own actions. Instead, focus and use all your energy on helping the new that is emerging. How are we about to do that is the next question that we encounter on the way.

Allow me to give you some ideas on what can be done.

We have to begin by aligning ourselves with that new paradigm that is emerging and the ways of life that come with that. We start by reorienting ourselves into the direction of what’s really important, of what’s tangible and real and of true value, away from our compulsive need for more, away from the need to make it in the rat race.

Being honest and true with each other in thought, word, and action, taking time aside each day to reflect and contemplate the life we have been given and how we will live it. Making room for our intuition to come forth, to speak and eventually to guide us in the direction of our hearts and that is really the greatest act of service, infused with the rebellious spirit within us that knows of the world that’s possible.

Another very important and effective thing that we can focus on is not so much found in doing but in being. Being what? you may ask. ” Being free of fear.” is my answer. The old paradigm was founded on the very essence of fear. Being able to live without the background of constant fear and doubt is not only tremendously freeing for ourselves, but also tremendously powerful and in fact, very much needed to support and embrace this shift. Doing this we not only empower and inspire ourselves but each other as well.

So get out there, embrace this shift and don’t be afraid.

What a time to be alive!




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