Who we are

We are born into the garment of a holy makeup,
Born to be free and it’s time to wake up.
Our being is as light as the air we breathe, yet we suffocate,
But mighty are we, so it’s never too late.

Made of stars that once have been,
Children of the cosmic past.
When we open our eyes, we invite the world into our field of sight,
Laying our eyes on a world based on fear, knowing, fear too, will disappear.

We are sailors of the oceans and tamers of the skies,
Fanning the fires and farming the lands,
We are servants of the elements,
Although we act like emperors on the world’s throne.

Many trials we overcame and all the challenges we faced,
They were the soil in which we were placed.
Our time has come, the moment has arrived,
Circumstances are right and patience is no more.

The seeds that we are, pregnant with potential,
Hungry for the light of a new day,
About to break free of a darkness that once confined us,
We see the light of a new world being born around us, within us.

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