Life – a beautiful organized chaos

It’s true. No one really knows what’s going on. No scientist, no religious priest, no philosopher, no guru. Really, no one actually has ultimate answers. We are born into a mystery. What does it take each one of us to admit, that we are all just trying to figure things out and that we don’t know it all?

Life is not a problem that needs fixing, an equation that needs to be solved, it is a reality that needs to be experienced, a dance that expects your participation.We can’t understand all of it, but we are surely able to appreciate all of it, to let gratitude flow within us for the mere fact of Life being the miracle it is.

Thinking life or living life?

We are thinking life, we are not really living it in our present state of affairs. Our minds have become the prison through which we see the world, chopped up into labels, ideas and concepts, the sensory incoming picture of the world has been reduced to empty words, there is no room for its beauty and innocence anymore, that might be the reason why nature is coming forth in all her glory to reawaken that childlike curiosity and innocence in us, to reawaken us to all this beauty around us. We have eyes but do not see, we have ears but do not listen. We give  thoughts so much power over us that we forgot our own inherent power.

We can’t rely on beliefs, ideologies, and concepts as they are fleeting and vanishing like the paper where they’ve been written on. We don’t need more knowledge, we need more trust – into our own abilities, our ability to reason and reflect and most of all we have to trust our own experience right now as it is the only thing we can be truly sure of. This right here and right now is the only place that we can come into contact with life. The past is but a fleeting shadow and the future but a hope for a tomorrow that never comes, but life is here and only here.

We have to stop looking out there for help and guidance and start doing a revolutionary thing – looking within.

We are living in a world where everything is externalized and we never learn to truly trust ourselves and to plunge into the depths of our own being, many people are so afraid to do that, because who knows, maybe everything we once held true might be a lie. In being ourselves, we are confronted with ourselves, that’s why we are so uncomfortable with silence and created a world of distractions for us.

Becoming free of your chains

It is scary, it really is, realizing that everything you were told and fed throughout your life was a lie, everything you were made to believe a house of cards that is bound to fall apart. But this realization is fertile soil for you to grow in, like an acorn that awaits its destiny to become a mighty oak, destiny awaits you to step into the magnificence of your being that lies beyond the lies and illusions this world sold you as Truth, peel yourself of these things like an onion and you will come to see that underneath your misery and suffering there lies a treasure waiting to be found.

This world will rip us apart and throw us into storms of confusion if we are not grounded in ourselves, in that place that needs no external security, that doesn’t rely on others, where knowledge ceases to be needed, where there is trust in the greater workings and forces of Life.

Trust yourself more than the knowledge you acquired, more than the opinions of others, more than any guru, scientist or scholar. Nobody knows anything, but some are just really good at pretending they do. Just let it all go, beliefs, knowledge, and ideas, meet life in intimacy and you can be sure that it will unfold its mysteries in front of you and bless you with involving you in its deepest secrets.

Let go of the fear of the unknown and replace it with an unquenchable thirst of curiosity and this life will be a joy beyond imagination.

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