Walking through the concrete graveyard

Walking through the streets I see people with rigid faces and stale eyes, life has been sucked out of them it seems, perished, blown out like the candles light and only the fleeting smoke is left.

Me? I’m just wondering, trying to make sense of it all, captivated by the world around me.

I take my refuge in silence, as the world, although beautiful in many aspects, greets me with madness and chaos as well. Where is the laughter gone? Where are the tears? The heart silently cries as people are led astray into a desert of dried up thoughts, chasing after desires and experiences that amount to nothing but dust.

Hypnotized by the stories we tell ourselves, drowning in an ocean of thought, people are imprisoned within themselves.

Putting one foot in front of the other, I walk into a shop to buy a cold drink to cool down myself as the warm sun is heating up the air. I seek shelter in the cooling shadow of a tree nearby. Enjoying the cooling shadow I sit there, sipping my drink and watching people walk past while the sun is escaping on the horizon to make room for the cooling darkness of the night.

I keep sitting there, seeing people walk by.. I smile. We are all searching for something. We are all people.

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