Burning Garden of Eden

In silence I weep as I see you engulfed in flames, boots trampling on the ground beating down our fellow brothers and sisters in the name of security and safety.

What security I wonder, what safety do they seek? For your radiant beauty, oh Great Mother, is being guarded by the warming fire of the sun and someday your loving womb that has given shelter to us will merge with its flame, the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate act of surrender.

The world’s beauty

For now, I wish to treasure your beauty within my heart for the chance, that the madness and greed of your children who’ve turned your back on you will take away the nourishment you provide for the children to come and who will destroy your beauty to build a world which is but a mirror of their own wickedness.

I do not wish to lay treasures on earth for when my time has come, nothing but the memories in the hearts I’ve met shall be what remains of me and all else will be devoured by the ever-changing nature of things.

Hate often burns within me, despair and fear find their way back in my heart often, but I do not wish to nourish them anymore, long enough they’ve drained me and another one whose veins are filled with these vile juices will not be of help to anyone.

I do not know what the future holds but I do not wish to let fear cripple me, for even if all will turn to ashes I wish to burn up with a smile on my face, knowing I’ve lived to the best I could, trying to bring a little more joy in a medicated world that seeks answers in pills rather than in themselves, a world full of noise that there is no more room for silence, a world of distractions that there is no room for reflection.

The fire of Truth

Oh Great Mother, you suffer and sometimes it’s like I feel your pain and I wish to bandage all the wounds we’ve caused you. Sometimes powerlessness and helplessness are reaching out their hands to grab me, pulling me down to where they came from, but I have to keep strong for I wish to bring up enough strength to plant seeds of hope and love in the garden’s soil of the future.

For a long time being, we’ve slumbered around in darkness but as the burning light of Truth finds its way into the heart of many, they will give the future a chance and they might bring about a change of heart and mind that’ll heal your wounds and give back the future to our children’s children, for that is our destiny.

In the face of all this, I put my despair to rest and let my the fire of my fears evaporate in this deep trust, knowing that all that happens serves its purpose and that this seeming darkness reaching it arms out at us, is what lets the light in humanity come forth with all its might, like a star before it collapses, so shall we light up like a cosmic display of fireworks, laying down the foundation for this new time that is approaching.


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